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Web found Smart Board Lessons

PBS - Whiteboard

SMART Exchange lessonplans
Smart lesson stop - These are great, very cute lessons. You can finds some free on SMart Exchange above, or pay a couple of dollars for one on here that you like.

Teachers love SmartBoards Blog that gives a variety of online sites for use on the Smartboard as well as giving some tutorials on using Notebook software to create your own lessons for the Smartboard.

Getting Smarter with Smartboards - Blog that updates regularly with new information for using the Smartboard in education.

Smart -Elementary - a list of websites on the Smart website that work well with the Smart board.
Smart Board tips - this is a wiki of smartboard lessons compiled by teachers.

Harvey's Homepage - Site created by a teacher educator. Contains numerous math games and activities for use on the Smartboard. *

SMART Exchange - A place to search for Notebook lessons that other teachers have created and you can download.

SMART Training Search - A place to search for tutorials (including text resources and videos) on how to use the Smartboard and Notebook software. A great place to learn new tricks and review the basics. Click on the "refine your search" link near the top of the page to select free options.

Jeopardy Games - Powerpoint jeopardy games that can be played on the Smartboard.

The animated Library Contains hundreds of animated image that can be used inside your Notebook lessons. These images are free to use and they are very easy to download. While the site is surrounded by ads, it's actually very easy to navigate and find the images you need. Just make sure you're downloading the actual image and not a thumbnail image. The site has plenty of information to help you download successfully. wiki dedicated to sharing smart board lessons.

Zoopz- This has interactive math - problem solving games that make you think - good for computer lab or smart board

echalk - This site has a couple of fun interactive math games - mostly for older students - multiplication, fractions, physics

Iboard many games in math and other areas. These games are greatfor the smart board

Delicious -- bookmarks this is a list of bookmarked interactive smartboard sites